Upper Legs

Train legs properly and you will realize how pleasant and fun training upper body is in comparison. This does not mean spending hours in the gym, but it does require a really thorough warm up and stretching before performing your core exercises. Also, the large muscles of the upper legs can take up to 72 hours to recover, so you only need to hit them once, or twice maximum a week. Who knows, maybe you will end up enjoying the intensity of leg training.

Try warming up on the stairmaster for 10 to 15 minutes, or even cycle to the gym if you live close enough. Go straight to the squat rack and do some further warm up sets with light weight followed by five minutes of stretching. Only after all this is completed, then the fun should start.

You must squat all the way to the bottom and give those thighs and glutes a good burn while maintaining proper form, get your training partner/spotter to watch you all the time (as you may collapse) and perform reps in the 12-20 range. Depending on your level of training, you should do many more sets than you would normally consider, 4-6 sets should bring you to the point where you cannot walk properly, if you have no trouble walking, then you are doing something wrong.

Now drag yourself over to the leg press machine, or ask a member of staff to carry you! Continue to perform sets on the leg press machine to ensure the area is completely traumatized then try some leg extensions and curls. Number of reps is not so important here and you can superset them as long as you are honest and perform them until 1 rep before failure. You can alternate squats and leg presses for each workout to add variety, also try using the smith machine for squats and position your feet further forward than normal.

Remember, you don’t need to spend long hitting the legs and glutes, as long as you are really intensive about it. You should feel the effects of these intense workouts for days after, and if you can’t – you are not trying hard enough.

Spend much longer warming up and pre-exhausting the thighs, and make sure you stretch properly for at least five minutes.

• Start with squats or leg presses
• Use heavy weights and high reps (12-20)
• Go all the way down with squats
• Don’t lockout to increase intensity
• Train them only once per week