Naked Whey Isolate-01

naked whey (unflavoured) – WPI

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Product Description

Pro-Matrix’s Naked Whey provides the elite aspirant in all of us the very best advantage, with incredibly high concentrations of protein and almost NO FAT.
Apart from being one of the highest quality undenatured whey proteins on the market, Pro-Matrix Naked Whey offers added health benefits by way of supporting your immune system through the stresses of training or illness.
Naked Whey absorbs rapidly and is ideal for post workout replenishing, flooding the blood with amino acids right when your body is hungry for it.
Naked Whey WPI combined with exercise is designed to Rapidly generate lean muscle mass, Increase muscle tone, Accelerate your metabolism & burn fat.
For optimal results, combine Pro-Matrix WPI with Pro-Matrix CC (Calcium Caseinate). This blend improves protein absorption rates and prolongs anabolic / anti-catabolic states, by complimenting the varying BCAA profiles.

    • 100% Natural product
    • Incredibly high protein properties with maximum biological value, NOT compromised
    • Gluten Free
    • All nutrients are derived from natural and organic ingredients
    • No processed sugars or sweeteners
    • No artificial Colours, flavours or preservatives
    • Low GI
    • No GMO
    • No bulking agents and thickeners
    • Un-denatured & Crossflow Micro-filtered (cold processed & acid free processing)