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Proteins are an essential component for all living tissues. All the key structures needed to burn fats and maintain permanent weight loss are protein based. With 100′s of different protein structures, choosing the right protein is essential in achieving optimal results.

Pro-Matrix 1OO% natural product is engineered to contain only the essential ingredient with excellent nutritional properties, easily digested and high in essential BCAAs.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

Available in Naked Whey, Wicked Whey, Rough Whey & Wild Whey.

Pro-Matrix’s WPI has incredibly high concentrations of protein and almost no fat. Apart from being one of the highest quality un-denatured whey protein isolates on the market, Pro-Matrix WPI offers added health benefits by way of supporting your immune system through the stresses of training or illness.

WPI absorbs rapidly and is ideal for post workout replenishing, flooding the blood with amino acids right when your body is hungry for it.
Pro-Matrix WPI combined with exercise is designed to rapidly generate lean muscle mass, increase muscle tone, accelerate your metabolism & burn fat.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Available in Naked Whey, Wicked Whey, Rough Whey & Wild Whey.

Pro-Matrix’s WPC is a high quality whey protein with high levels of true form, un-denatured proteins and low levels of fat and lactose. Pro-Matrix WPC can help you to stimulate fat burning, suppress appetite and give a feeling of fullness. Pro-Matrix WPC can help you maintain optimal metabolism for efficient fat burning, and to increase and stabilise your energy levels.

Calcium Caseinate

Pro-Matrix Calcium Caseinate is believed to be critical in the pursuit of muscle gain and fat loss. Pro-Matrix Calcium Caseinate has different bioactive peptides to whey proteins and digests slower, prolonging the protein breakdown, resulting in an anabolic / anti-catabolic effect.

Whey proteins absorb quickly, flooding your blood with amino acids (the building blocks of proteins). This elevated level drops after a couple of hours. Pro-Matrix Calcium Caseinate is absorbed moderately, sustaining an elevated concentration of amino acids in the blood for hours.  Pro- Matrix Calcium Caseinate has an incredibly high 96.5 grams of protein per 100 grams